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Revitalisation program designed for mycotoxin challenges 

VIGOR is an innovative liquid mycotoxins control and animal revitalization solution, combining yeast extracts, Yeast fermentation products (Saccharomyces cervisiae ) with bioactive contents, chelators, energy sources, minerals, botanicals and organic acids. It ensures a critical supply of nutrients and supportive molecules to counteract the negative impact of feed refusal on metabolism and micro-flora.

VIGOR Bio-toxicosis Treatment & Prevention tool addresses toxins, endotoxins and hidden toxins challenges when feed treatment are too late or not practical. Specially designed product for drinking water application, with a very wide action radius, VIGOR  reduces & overcomes stress induced health problems related to the following product features:

  • Diuretic effect
  • Liver tonic, enhancing excretion of harmful metabolites
  • Detoxifier power
  • Immune response support
  • Water intake improver

While being safe for the user, the animal, the equipment and the environment, VIGOR  is non-corrosive, organic, bio-degradable, stable and water soluble suspension. This liquid application is ideal in situations in which stressed animals reduce their feed intake but continue drinking.

Dose : 0,5-1ml/l during periods of stress

Consult with our technical department.