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Acidifyer for piglets diets

Organic acids and their salts have been widely use successfully in intensive animal production .

They are present in nature as a normal constituent of plants or animal tissues , animals have the ability to produce such organic acids within their digestive system and are mainly formed in the large intestine. Extensive research have proven that the use of organic acids and their salts within animal diets improves animal performance by keeping bacteria , mould and other harmful micro-organism under control .

Diacid is a highly concentrated mixture of organic acids with antimicrobial activity in animal feed through the reduction of pH. Diacid contains lactic acid, Formic acid, carrier (Silicic acid precipitated and dried, Clinoptipolite of volcanic origin) and free flowing agent.

Use : Piglet feed: 3 – 6 kg/T, Fattening pigs and Sows: 2 – 4 kg/T