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NEOVANCE expertise is in supplying high performance natural feed & drinking water additives enhancing health, growth and sustainability in aquaculture and agriculture. Such expertise can be available under NEOVANCE brands like BIOLUMEN or VIGOR or as technology that can be integrated into a customer program under his own brand.


Neovance creates innovative products for animal nutrition application, with an emphasis on developing novel concepts. We specialize in natural additives based on plant extracts as well other synergistic compounds like acids, volatile fatty acids available in liquid or dry presentations. 

All of our products are without antibiotics or undesirable substances, and are customized to meet individual needs for livestock and companion animal feed. Our products improve the availability and quality of feed & food though better feed efficiency or animal health.

At Neovance, a commitment to excellent customer and supplier relationships is a core part of the company’s mission. We focus on growth as a valued producer, marketer and distributor. Our collective skills, industry knowledge and integrity benefit our customers, suppliers, business partners, and the community.


Products are developed and marketed in two main ways of administration:

Small packing, bottles of liquid solutions to be used on farm via drinking water
25 kg bags for dry feed additives and dry blends